Motor untuk Biker takut Aer..

7 Feb

Laporan dari La Piaza…

Sekilas seperti bajaj roda tiga.. nggak salah tuh windshield segede gaban plus wiper.. anjrit.. motor apaan neeh yang dijual Probike? Ternyata setelah ditelusuri ini adalah ADIVA speknya? who cares.. baru juga denger hari ini ada merek ADIVA.. mungkin ini garapannya kantornya Okep (ADIVA = ADIRA?) xixixixi…

Menarik tapi tau ah gelap.. kalau lagi jalan terus papasan sama kontainer apa nggak goyang dombret abis? Terus mau berapa boros tuh motor gara -2 menantang angin.. bayangin aja windshieldnya segede gaban..

Product Detail
AD is the classical creation from ADIVA, the world’s most protective CONVERTIBLE URBAN COMMUTER. The SLEEK, agile DESIGN makes it ideal for moving around large urban areas.
AD is a CONVERTIBLE COMMUTER that is handy, easy to drive and ideal in all weathers. It is also possible to decide the PROTECTION LEVEL you prefer. AD is ideal for MOVING AROUND in any weather or traffic conditions. Rushing into the office, to the gym, for a quick drink in town or out to dinner will now offer the INTENSE THRILL of being able to TRAVEL AROUND FREELY.
AD is used to a life without limits; this great DISCOVERY, which you will soon decide you cannot do without, is always NIMBLE in traffic.
AD is an URBAN COMMUTER that protects you against cold, rain and even smog and sunshine, meaning you can move around in complete safety. The roof opens out for protection and then it can be stored away in the rear compartment or removed and left in the garage. It is also possible to fit deflectors to increase protection.
The windscreen wiper solves all visibility problems and is an additional safety feature on this exclusive URBAN COMMUTER.
AD comes complete with the patented MODULAR PROTECTION system: in just a few seconds, the roof can be stored in the rear compartment and any other protective systems can also be easily removed, allowing the rider to decide the best possible vehicle protection set up, according to weather conditions and riding skills.

4 Responses to “Motor untuk Biker takut Aer..”

  1. girifumi February 7, 2010 at 4:17 pm #

    gak mutu…

  2. billbull February 8, 2010 at 5:23 am #

    kalo hujan dengan angin bertiup dari samping gimana?

    balik ke Jas Hujan…

  3. ond0l February 8, 2010 at 6:26 am #

    Sebernernya ini berguna juga buat biker yg mau ajak bini atu pacar yg tadinya males naik motor alasan panas dsb…
    khan jadi dapet cepetnya naik motor tapi gak dapet panasnya + sedikit basahnya kalo hujan….

    pasti harganya selangit soalnya mesin pake punya piagio…
    mau satu buat jalan2 sama bini biar gak macet d jln….

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